Empower Students to Improve Their Writing
From elementary school through university, students use Ginger to write clear and mistake-free English. Ginger’s writing assistant teaches effective written communication.
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Help Students Share Their Ideas with Confidence

castle-icon Elementary and high school
Elementary and high school
Even from an early age, students benefit from Ginger. Our writing assistant enables students to build up confidence in their writing, reinforce proper revision habits, and appreciate good spelling and grammar.
college-icon College and university
College and university
From college reports to your first job, Ginger helps students on campus write clearly and professionally. Ginger bridges the language gap so ESL students can write more quickly and idiomatically.
key-icon Dyslexia and accessibility
Dyslexia and accessibility
Ginger's AI-powered assistant helps neurodiverse students write more quickly and accurately. Our text-to-speech feature empowers students with vision impairments to leverage our leading tool for improved writing.
100+ Points of Grammar Checking
From prepositions and verb tenses to punctuation and misused words, Ginger checks all types of mistakes, saving time for both students and faculty.
grammar-checking-picture grammar-checking-picture
explanation-picture grammar-checking-picture
Explanations to learn from mistakes
Ginger provides useful explanations that turn every mistake into a learning opportunity. From grade school through college, Ginger’s grammar tutor helps students avoid repeating errors.
Rephrase sentences to boost creativity
Ginger alleviates writer’s block and helps develop students' writing style and creativity by suggesting inspiring alternatives to convey their intended message. Rephrase helps ESL students write idiomatically in emails to teachers and professors.
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contextual-correction-picture grammar-checking-picture
Contextual correction for students with dyslexia
Ginger's patented technology analyzes the context of an entire sentence and its corrections conform to the writer's intended message. This method is especially successful for dyslexic students who often confuse words that sound the same but are spelled differently.
Accessible to All Students
infinity-icon Availability across all tools and devices
Ginger is available as an online editor, Microsoft Word add-in, desktop app and mobile app (for students without a laptop). Ginger can also power education portals, online learning or writing portals, and learning management systems (LMS).
globe-icon Translation for international students
Foreign students can write more assertively thanks to our integrated translation feature. They can translate a word or multiple sentences into English or translate English text into their native language to ensure their ideas are clearly communicated.
sale-icon Special discounts for @edu
Ginger provides preferential pricing for students and teachers for subscriptions to empower students with tools to create impactful and mistake-free writing. When students use Ginger's advanced AI they learn write confidently and creatively while learning to avoid spelling and grammar errors.
security-icon.svg Privacy and Security
End-to-end encryption ensures your information is protected and cannot be read by a third party. Our servers are located in North America and we have an option for servers in Europe.
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